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Types of Visitor Visas

With the exception for citizens of the Visa Waiver Program, Canada and Bermuda, citizens of all other countries who want to visit the United States for business or pleasure must apply for a Visitor Visa. There are two types of Visitor Visas, the B1 Business Visa and the B2 Tourism and Visit Visa. Visitors who desire to come to the United States to consult with business associates; attend a scientific, educational, professional or business convention or conference; settle an estate; and/or negotiate a contract would apply for a B1 Business Visa. Visitors who desire to come to the United States for tourism, vacation, visit family or friend, medical treatment, attend social events and/or enroll in short recreational course of study would apply for the B2 Tourism and Visit Visa.

In general, Visitor Visas are difficult to obtain. The consular officers at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate assumes that all Visitor Visa applicants have immigrant intent, such that they intent to leave their home country and immigrate to the United States. Applicants have the heavy burden of convincing the consular officers that they will return back to their home country after a short visit to the United States. The most common refusal reason for a Visitor Visa is the Section 214(b) denial, such that applicants did not demonstrate sufficient ties to their home country to overcome the immigrant intent assumption.

The most common factors in determining the likelihood of a Visitor Visa approval or denial include the following:

  1. Age
  2. Marital Status
  3. Current Employment
  4. Savings and Assets
  5. Foreign Travel History

Before we agree to accept a Visitor Visa case, we will assess the applicant’s chances of approval and convey this to the applicant. Each applicant is unique and applicants with similar backgrounds may not yield the same results because not only is the applicant’s background important, but the applicant’s performance at the interview is equally important. We have seen many cases in which applicants are strong Visitor Visa applicants and have high chances of visa approval. However, these applicants are unable to convey and convince the consular officers of their non-immigrant intent at the interview. After consulting with Laurie and re-applying, the applicant is often approved for a Visitor Visa.

The most important point of caution we can provide to Visitor Visa Applicants is to be forthcoming with their intended purposes. Too often, applicants blatantly lie about their intentions, claiming that they do not know anyone in the United States and only want to come for general tourism. However, these applicants usually have a boyfriend or fiancé in the United States and they want to come for a visit. Despite whether the B2 Tourism and Visit Visa is ultimately denied or approved, the application for the B2 Visa will later be examined if the applicant later applies for another non-immigrant visa or immigrant visa. The potential short-term gain of obtaining a B2 Visa can later result in the denial of another visa if the U.S. Embassy determines that there was material fraud or misrepresentation.

If you are wondering whether a Visitor Visa is right for you, working with our skilled lawyer can help you navigate these complex waters and provide the best option for you and your family. We take an individualized look at every single case to identify the potential issues and offer a solution to achieve desired results. When your future is on the line, you deserve open and honest representation.

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