From the first time I spoke with Ms. Wu, she was respectful, knowledgeable, very prompt and professional. She never let my phone call or email go unanswered for days — she always responded so well and quickly with good information. Laurie helped my in-laws from China get their visas to visit my wife and I in the US because we are expecting our first child — it would have been quite sad if they could not come. Laurie spent so much time with me explaining what needs to be done in a clear concise way and also made my in-laws feel at home and advise them promptly in terms they understood and could quickly act on. Because of her 1-on-1 phone interview with my in-laws, my in-laws were 100% more prepared for their interview. The first time my in-laws tried this, we did it without a lawyer’s help and that was a huge mistake on my part!!! Always go with a lawyer. The peace of mind you get is priceless plus it wins huge points with your in-laws 🙂 Thank you, Laurie, for being part of our family’s joyous time and making it possible for the entire family to be together for the birth of our daughter! I wish I had come to her first for my wife’s