From the very first day I was put in touch with Laurie she was accommodating, understanding and gave me sound advice. I liked her straightforward approach and practical advice. Ours was a unique situation and she expertly guided us through it keeping us on track with what were the next steps and what we should expect. Even at times when we fell behind with the paperwork, she checked on us to keep track of our progress. Whether over phone or email she was always readily available and helped us through any doubts we might have or any questions that arose. My fiance worked with her on his end over the phone to get prepared for the interview and loved the experience. His exact words were ‘She is awesome and she rocks’. We hit a few road-bumps because of the uniqueness of our situation but were guided through all by Laurie. We now have the fiance visa in hand thanks to Laurie’s advice and help. We look forward to working with her in the future as well.