Collleen H.

I immigrated to the U.S. from Canada on a K-1 Visa. My husband and I retained Laurie after the fact to guide us through the process of my permanent residence application because I had overstayed my Visa and we wanted to make sure that we did everything right. We were intimidated by the application process as we were somewhat overwhelmed with all the requirements, and we can’t imagine that anyone could have helped us through it better than Laurie did. She guided us through all the steps with the utmost of professionalism, patience, and compassion, and she kept the light at the end of the tunnel shining for us throughout. She always made herself available to answer any questions or explain anything we did not quite understand or needed clarification on. She completed all the official forms on our behalf before having us review and sign them and she lifted a lot of the burden from us. We truly feel like had it not been for Laurie, we would have surely been pulling our hair out had we attempted the process on our own. She kept excellent records on our case and was able to access anything within minutes of me asking on the occasion that I misplaced my own copies of certain forms or supporting documentation. Her excellent knowledge of the immigration process, organization, and attention to detail kept us in order at all times. We know for a fact that Laurie made the whole process a LOT less painful and we are thankful and grateful for everything she did for us. Because of Laurie, we were completely confident in advance of our final interview at the Immigration office last week. We felt that everything was order, we were totally prepared and we did not fear any surprises. The interview could not have gone any better. Smooth as butter, really. My green card is now on its way. Laurie is an fantastic immigration lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone, anytime.