Laurie was referred to me by one of my relatives who was very pleased with the results they got. Laurie is very prompt to return calls and emails. When we talked I never felt I was imposing on Laurie. She was always patient and gave me as much time as I needed. Laurie went above and beyond her obligation as an Immigration lawyer, she completed at least three things that were to be done by me. One example is the online green card fee we needed to pay. My wife and I had so much difficulty navigating the USCIS website. With a phone call to Laurie, she was able to help us submit payment while we were on the phone. I accompanied my wife to her Embassy interview and we felt well-prepared due to Laurie’s help. About 2 weeks before the interview, Laurie spent more than one hour with us on Skype for our final preparation, reviewing all the documents again and reviewing the questions the Embassy will likely ask us. Laurie pays attention to details, we had everything we needed. The interview went smoothly. My wife and I have been very pleased with the help we received from Laurie. My wife and I would both recommend Laurie.