As we all know being separated from a loved one is quite difficult, and every day matters. I have had one experience procuring a visa for my fiance many years ago,(what an exasperating experience) and Laurie was more than twice as fast as doing it on my own. Laurie is extremely responsive, as I can attest to her even working/taking calls on the weekend to make the process go faster. Also, it should be noted that Laurie’s voice is a valuable asset, let me explain. Everyone knows how international phone lines voice quality is awful. Laurie’s voice is extremely clear, and her English is perfect, so it makes it much easier to hear and understand her perfectly on long distance international phone calls. To say I am thankful for her professionalism would be an understatement, I got lucky finding Laurie Wu. Furthermore, Laurie is a Patriot because she allows a military discount. In conclusion, it would be smart of you to hire Laurie Wu.