Former Client

I think one of my greatest strikes of luck on Google was finding Laurie’s contact. My fiancé and I were in the middle of trying to go through the K1 visa on our own and we found Laurie and having her with us during this process was the best decision we’ve made in a while. She has always been nothing less than a nice and real person, guiding us in a very calm way through the K1 visa process. She has the knowledge to answer most of your answers on the spot and if that doesn’t happen, she’ll reply ASAP with a thorough explanation. She has always been patient with any crazy question asked more than a few times by us and has always shown that she really pays attention to details – she even found a mistake on my birth certificate that we would have never found! She’s a very open person and even replies on weekends. Also, she was very okay with us being overseas and dealing with us through Skype, e-mail and mail. Conclusion: if you’re in doubt on hiring a lawyer or not, from a couple that’s gone with Laurie from the first step of the process and will continue with her during all the next steps of my fiancé’s process, I would recommend her always! If you need more recommendation from me, feel free to contact.