Former Client

Ms. Laurie Wu helped my fiancé and I with his fiancé visa case. We consider ourselves very lucky to have her assistance. She came to successfully assist us in our case with a significant burden of proof: an older woman living in the United States applying for her younger fiancé from the Middle East. Originally, I had spent weeks taking to immigration lawyers from different states (23 to be exact)! After speaking to them all, Laurie Wu stood out the most. We could not decide on a very important question: should we apply for a fiancé visa or apply for a marriage visa. Some attorneys sounded very pessimistic about the outcome of our case and some advice on the type of visa without knowing much about us. Laurie asked us many questions regarding our background and was the only attorney who asked me to send her a picture of us together before she advised on which type of visa would be best for our case. Then, Unfortunately, I was ill-advised by a close friend to go with a big name attorney she knew, an attorney who supposedly had years of experience and a big firm! It was an awful experience during which 5 months of our precious time was wasted and accomplished so very little. We were going through lots of frustrating days when I remembered this soft-spoken lawyer, the attorney originally I had liked. Laurie Wu was all we had hoped for in our attorney. We found her to be very informative, trustworthy, honest and intelligent yet humble and easy to talk to. In a case of age difference and the woman being the older partner, she remained very professional, nonjudgmental, and supportive. Time and time again, I was surprised by her logical thinking, clear vision, and attention to details. With her calm, organized and logical thinking, I always felt much better after talking to her. Despite some of my challenging questions, she always provided answers and proposed solutions to my satisfaction. Her prompt written and oral instructions were always clear which helped us tremendously with the process. I don’t know what more to say than having her was vital to our case. She was simply there for us, and we will never forget what a tough and detailed process she got us through and the support she gave us. Now, we are delighted to work with Laurie to finish up my fiancé’s adjustment of status papers.