Many people may have the feeling that gaining trust is so difficult—it may take years on building a trusted relationship, while losing trust is so easy—probably just over seconds. I don’t think it would be ever the case for Laurie. Laurie gained my trust when I received her first email in 2012 instructing me in great detail about how to be prepared for going through the fiancée visa process, and we worked for several months since then until I received my visa to the US. After I moved in the US, I had some difficulties, and I felt so helpless and hopeless, luckily I found Laurie when I had hardest time in my life. Although I was not Laurie’s customer and Laurie was very busy at the time when I found her, Laurie spoke to me on the phone and wrote me emails, I was so moved also impressed by her caring heart, inspiring words and great respect for people. I made up my mind immediately that I would like to hire Laurie again when I need to go through immigration process two years later, and I did. What Laurie did actually was far beyond an immigration attorney would do, for she cares people more than anything else, and she always provide quality service: 1. Sense of urgency and work efficiency Laurie always provides quick response no matter what I asked for. She worked out everything for me very efficiently. In the event of tight schedule that prevented her from writing back to me with detailed information, she would give me a quick update letting me know when she would write me again with more details. 2. Professionalism and knowledgeable Laurie is very professional and knowledgeable. She always gives me very clear answers no matter what questions asked, or no matter what concerns I had. When she was working on my case, she paid great attention to all details and checked everything very carefully to assure the accuracy of the information. 3. Accountability and reliability Laurie is very accountable and kept her commitment. To assure my application could be submitted as quick as possible to unload my burdens, Laurie even didn’t take day off like many people did during the holiday season until the last minutes when she needed to catch up the Christmas Eve with her family. 4. Respect on people, support, and encouragement When I reconnected and talked to Laurie, I was unemployed, Laure didn’t judge me and her words were so encouraging and inspiring, she always has faith that I could go back to career even I myself found it so difficult in such a new country. Her positive attitude influences me to be positive, and after I went back to career, she provided me with so strong support through her loving heart and doing more beyond the scope of her responsibility—she even helped me with dealing with car accident and other personal stuff. 5. Diversity and inclusive Laurie speaks English and Cantonese, and some Mandarin as well. Culture difference may add to people’s difficulty for communication. Laurie has excellent knowledge of cultures cross nations and has great experience in dealing with culture difference. I had zero problem of communicating with Laurie, actually in the course of time I have been enjoying more and more working with Laurie together on my immigration case. In addition to her communication skills with me, Laurie has shown effective communication with immigration office. She rescheduled our finger-print when the original date and places didn’t work well for us and made things very easy for us. I agree that building trust usually is not easy, but Laurie is the attorney I can put full trust on and she is the one who I would like to refer to my friends or anyone else who needs immigration help. After having gone through everything, I simply felt relief that I found Laurie and had her help.