My wife and I hired Laurie Wu to help my wife return to the US on a Spousal Visa from China. My wife previously came to the US on a K-1 visa in 2011, which Laurie also helped us on. We filed for removal of conditions ourselves and while the application was pending, my wife had to return home to care for her mother and we didn’t respond to the government’s request for additional evidence in time. For the Spousal Visa application, we attempted it on our own for a few weeks, but discovered we were in over our heads with deciding which forms to use, and even how to properly and accurately provide some of the required information. Laurie provided us with all of the required forms (completing some of them for us), carefully explained what supporting documents to provide, and even where to locate most of it. During the entire process, Laurie patiently responded to our numerous questions and concerns, often on weekends and several evenings as well. My wife had a successful Visa Interview about 3 days ago, thanks to Laurie. She’ll have her Visa very shortly and will be returning to the US in a month or so. We appreciate all the time Laurie spent with us, and would truly recommend her to anyone.